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Nine years after the pages turned on Robert Rodriguez's first Sin City movie, and with at least three major parts recast, you can't help but think this Dame To Kill For is sashaying into town long after everyone has lost interest. Showing no signs of added maturity - if anything it's even more juvenile - this slick-yet-soulless sequel features the required quota of girls, guns and garrotting, but it's unlikely to win over those who were unimpressed by the same stiff sideshow almost a decade ago.

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It’s been almost 10 years since the magnificently brutal Sin City, and that’s part of why this unnecessary sequel feels so empty and arduous. Back then, the oozing corruption and despairing hopelessness of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s CGI-noir portrait of Basin Sin, the hellish world of Miller’s graphic novels, felt excitingly pertinent: we’d been living in that world since at least 9/11, and maybe since the botched U.S. presidential election of 2000. But now it’s another decade on, and the real world has gotten even more unendurably angry, reactionary, and meanspirited in the interim. I don’t need my movies to be all rainbows and fairy dust, but Dame is monstrous and merciless merely for the sake of merciless monstrosity. Even the vigilante violence its characters dish out in search of justice — justice that is, I suppose, meant to make us get some pleasure out of the savagery we’re witnessing — is cold and vacant. Turns out it’s just as difficult to hate cardboard villains as it is to love cardboard heroes.

Take some comfort in the fact that A Dame To Kill For is just as strikingly attractive as the first Sin City, the 3D adding another dimension to the distinctly flat panels of Frank Miller's comic - you can practically feel the harsh sting of the constant rainfall. Despite the odd sickly shade of green-scene - actors obviously running on the spot; characters interacting as if shot weeks apart - A Dame To Kill For looks the business. The high contrast monochrome is as sharp as ever, with particular attention paid to the eyes - Eva Green's piercing peepers are just as seductive as her body.

Certainly, the curvaceous and frequently naked Green is in her most exposing role since The Dreamers – one that makes the MPAA fuss over her semi-clad appearance on the film’s poster something of a joke. With Juno Temple in handcuffs, Rosario Dawson’s heaving bosom and Jessica Alba’s arse-slapping, Rodriguez and Miller have steamed up this Sin City like a kettle in a Turkish bath.

Besides, you soon realise it’s not sex that turns on Miller and Rodriguez, but power, especially the abuse of it. The erotic charge in a hotel-room clinch between Ray Liotta’s married businessman and yet another good-time girl, this one played by Juno Temple, comes from neither participant, but from Brolin, furtively snapping photographs through a skylight. That’s typical of the film’s fetishisations — elsewhere there are lots of baby-doll nighties, black leather bras and steel studs — but at least Sin City 2 has the courage to play its perversions dead straight, unlike Rodriguez’s recent Machete films, which smirked their way into oblivion. Sin City 2 glowers and sulks and is determined to show you the best bad time you’ve had in years. It’s neither high art nor noir, but it’s what a Sin City film should be.

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