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Commerce License: Synchronized licenses and remote resources

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Learn how to use the Commerce License framework to grant access to remote resources by implementing a Commerce License plugin. We'll walk through the required code and look at examples from Commerce License Role / File and the forthcoming Commerce License OG, and talk about how synchronization works and what options it makes available if you want to sell access to "stuff" that resides somewhere other than on your Drupal site.

Store your custom data in style with the Entity Construction Kit

Who doesn't love entities?! If you can work with entities in Drupal your life is good because you can easily integrate with the rules module and use views to display your custom data and you can do your data modeling with fields and entity properties instead of messing with hook_schema. Introducing the Entity Construction Kit the quickest way to get up and running with custom entities.

Security Matters... Getting Started with Security Scanners

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Security is often overlooked during the planning and execution of a site build. Its often assumed that as long as we follow best practices then everything will be fine, but as we all know even the best of us make mistakes which is why we have QA. While QA will catch the functional and appearance issues, they won't likely catch XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, and other security vulnerabilities. We could hire a manual pen tester for each deploy, but that gets really expensive really fast.

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